Globe seeks to be an agent of change in the country by fulfilling its mission to create a wonderful world for businesses, the nation, its customers and all other stakeholders. This wonderful world is anchored on the quality of service as Globe takes into account the social, environmental, and economic impact of its operations. The Company communicates with its major stakeholder groups using diverse channels. While Globe understands the various priorities and expectations of its stakeholders, the Company also believes in the method of regular communication with all its stakeholders.


Customer At Globe, Customer Experience continues to be at the core of everything we do. As always, it defines our brand of service, how we differentiate ourselves from competition and how we continuously innovate to delight our subscribers, customers and other stakeholders.

As Globe's services continue to grow, the Company recognizes that its services has expanded from telecommunications to an amazing world of digital lifestyle. For this, a Privacy Policy that outlines the Company's policy in relation to the collection, use, and protection of Customer Data to provide customers with a wonderful customer experience. As such, this policy caters to the welfare and safety of its stakeholders, especially for the data and information coming from the Company's customers and subscribers. The policy outlines the limits of use of customer information and means of acquiring customer information from Globe subscribers. Under the policy, customer data is also protected with proper safeguards to ensure confidentiality and privacy; prevent loss, theft, or use of unauthorized purposes; and to comply with the requirements of the law.

As a policy linked with its business, Globe puts its customers first. We make a difference through superior, end-to-end customer experience brought to life by a genuine culture of service and caring. Globe embeds service into the DNA of the Globe culture, sustaining the momentum of the company's Circle of Happiness, which translates its policy of 'happy employees create happy customers' into reality. To read more on our customer welfare policy and how we delight our customers, refer to pp. 37-47, 63 and 103-107 of our 2014 Annual & Sustainability Report .


As policy on community interaction, Globe adopts the best practices of ISO 26000 Social Responsibility, enabling the Company to operate in a socially-responsible way across the organization and seek continuous innovative solutions in creating a wonderful world. ISO 26000 helps businesses and organizations translate principles into effective actions and shares best practices relating to social responsibility, globally.

Globe Bridging Communities (BridgeCom) is the corporate social responsibility platform of Globe, which aims to transform underserved communities nationwide through relevant and innovative solutions that harness the power of collaboration and inclusivity through information and communications technology. The objective is to ensure sustainability by creating shared value across Globe employees, customers, and all stakeholders in areas where the Company operates. As business continues to grow, Globe also continues to contribute efforts for nation-building and shareholder value with engaged and empowered workforce committed to do a Globe of good.

In addition, Globe BridgeCom has taken the Communities of Practice (CoP) approach in all of the focus areas where all of the company's advocacies are practiced and synergized. To read more on our policy on community interaction and how we engage with our partner communities, refer to pp. 65, 93-101, 015-107 and 130-135 of our 2014 Annual & Sustainability Report .


Globe Telecom continues to aspire growth in all facets of the business but at the same time in fully taking care of the planet. We are committed to promote environmental sustainability by reducing the impact of our business operations to the environment and we shall achieve this together with the help of our employees, business partners, and clients. We have robust systems in place to manage our environment impact and integrate them into our corporate social responsibility management. As a policy that ensures the Company's value chain is environmentally friendly and sustainable, Globe commits to:
  • Consciously move toward the continuous reduction of ecological footprints from its operations. Where possible, we will move beyond regular compliance and apply best practices and global voluntary standards on environmental and social responsibility.
  • Manage emissions from the Company's energy use, particularly to our networks and ensure that we carry out regular assessments on how energy is consumed within our network to monitor our climate impact and identify opportunities to reduce it.
  • Comply with all environmental laws and other laws relevant to our business.
  • Encourage and train our employees and business partners to help us reduce our environmental impact by communicating our policies and programs.
  • Partner with organizations which share the same environmental values and find ways of cooperation to protect the environment.
  • Conduct a review of our environmental management system to ensure that the commitment of this policy is delivered and that westrive for continuous improvement.
  • Report our environmental performance to our stakeholders.
The efforts to minimize impacts persist through the Environmental Management System being implemented in the workplace. The system already began in 2011 for the Valero Teleparkoffice as certified by the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) while certification of GT-IT Plaza in Cebu started in 2012 with completion in 2014. Such initiatives and environmental system in place contribute to a greener and more sustainable Globe Telecom. To read more on our policy on an environment-friendly operations, sustainable value chain and how we protect the environment, refer to pp. 64-65, 108-119 and 136-143 of our 2014 Annual & Sustainability Report . The same are identified in the interactive version of the Annual & Sustainability Report under "Ethics and Integrity" section of the Governance part, and "Care for the environment" and "We provide meaningful products and services" sections of the Sustainability part.


Globe is committed to provide the best protection for the health and safety of its employees. To this end, part of the Company's policy on health, safety and welfare for its employees include the commitment to:
  • Continuously assess all health and safety hazards in the workplace and provide programs toward its eliminations;
  • Comply with all occupational safety and health news applicable to the telecommunication business;
  • Train and motivate employees to work in a safe manner and encourage the business partners to adopt these principles;
  • Report the occupational safety and health performance to all stakeholders;
  • Conduct a regular review of the Company's management system to ensure that the commitments of this policy are being delivered, and that Globe strives for continual improvement.
Globe's employee welfare policy likewise follows the standards on Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS) 18001. Launched in 2010, the Company's comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Policy is committed in providing the best protection for the health and safety of its employees and the communities surrounding its operations. This includes requiring all employees to undergo annual physical examination to gauge current health and physical condition. The result will be used by Globe's in-house health adviser located at The Globe Tower (TGT) Clinic to create a personalized wellness program to improve the Company's overall health with quarterly consultations to check if the program is on-track and set the baseline for next year's wellness program.

As part of Company policies, Globe does not condone the violation of the rights of indigenous people nor does the company promote any operational activity that would pose hazardous risks or damages to children or young employees. For this reason, Globe also complies with RA 7160 or the Special Protection of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation, and Discrimination Act and observes the principles of the Human Rights Act and Child Labor Law. Benchmarking such regulations generate a happy workplace without presenting any fear of discrimination or violation towards any employee.

Globe Telecom believes in the potential of the Filipino workforce. That is why the company welcomes every employee regardless of gender, age, religion or ethnicity. Any form of discrimination is unacceptable and embracing every unique worker is part of the company's philosophy.

The Board of Directors and Globe employees, including subsidiaries and affiliates, are subject to the Globe Code of Conduct, which is to protect the company's interests in consistently creating a wonderful world for everyone. The sanctions apply especially to major offenses related to corruption, extortion, bribery, or any action that disrespects the corporate values and damages the reputation of the company. The Code also contains the guidelines and procedures followed in instances of whistleblowing and ensuring the protection of the whistleblower from retaliation.

To read more on our employee welfare policy and how we empower our employees, refer to pp. 23-33, 64 and 120-129 of our 2014 Annual & Sustainability Report . The same are identified in the interactive version of the Annual & Sustainability Report under "Ethics and Integrity" section of the Governance part; "Transforming our company culture", "Empowering Employees" and "Early cultivation of the service culture" sections of the Culture part; and, "We care for our people" section of the Sustainability part.

Creditor's Rights

It is the policy of Globe to protect the rights of its creditors by maintaining, at all times, the company's good credit standing. In furtherance thereof, the Company strictly observes contractual obligations, and regard fair and truthful disclosure and transparency of financial records and dealings of utmost importance to assure creditors of the company's continued credit worthiness. Globe's periodic reports to its creditors such as the latest certified Financial Statements, Certificate of No Default, and CFO Certification on compliance with financial ratios ensure the Creditors of the company's financial soundness. The Company also provides prompt and accurate reports of its financial standing to creditors by providing them the financial and operating results, Management andDiscussion Analysis, and Financial Statements on a periodic basis that allow the creditors to continuously evaluate and monitor the company's performance and credit standing.

Moreover, the Company adopted an expanded corporate governance approach in managing business risks. A Revised Enterprise RiskManagement Policy was developed to provide a better understanding of the different risks that could threaten the achievement of the company's vision, mission, strategies, and goals. The policy also highlights the vital role that each individual plays in the organization from the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to the staff—in managing risks and in ensuring that the Company's business objectives are attained. With this, it assures the creditors that the Company is proactive in managing its risks and is committed to sustaining the growth of the company. As part of the implementation, Globe regularly submits its quarterly financial results to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

The loan agreements with banks and other financial institutions provide for certain restrictions and requirements with respect to, among others, maintenance of financial ratios and percentage of ownership of specific shareholders, incurrence of additional long-term indebtedness or guarantees and property encumbrances.

For more information of our creditor's rights and details of Notes Payable and Long-term Debt, see pp. 67-68 and 232-234 of our 2014 Annual & Sustainability Report .

Supplier/Contractor Selection and

Globe follows green procurement practices for vendors in compliance with environmental requirements. The team maximizes value through commodity management, selection of best-in-class suppliers, and pursuit of process excellence in procurement and supply chain management. Vendors undergo a comprehensive accreditation process which includes assessment of their technical and financial capability, business continuity, safety, health, and environmental policies. Grounded on the practice of fair, ethical, and governance policies, opportunity is equitably provided to the appropriate suppliers through competitive bidding and auctions.Proposals are evaluated on the basis of best-value including a consideration of environment-friendly policies and practices. Given equivalent proposals, preference for purchase award is given to local suppliers and proposals aligned with green practices.

Relationships with suppliers are also highly valued, with each considered a business partner. Globe continues to recognize and foster strong business relations with its partners through its established programs like the Business Partner Awards and Globe Vendor Council. Vendors also provide learning opportunity through plant visits and technology briefings. Conversely, Vendor Clinics are initiated for selected vendors to help improve their performance and competitiveness. Vendors, suppliers and contractors are also covered by the guidelines, procedures, protection and sanctions provided in the Company's Code of Conduct.

Globe applies ethical supplier management system to all service providers to ensure that relationships adhere to prescribed policy and guidelines.

To learn more about our supplier/contract selection and criteria, and relationship with our suppliers, refer to pp. 85-93 of the Code of Conduct and/or pp. 64, 66, 105-106 and 131 of our 2014 Annual & Sustainability Report . See also our General Registration Right Procedure and Guidelines or visit the Premium Dealers page on our Globe website.