Shareholding Structure

The following are the major stockholders of Globe Telecom as of 30 June 2018


Stockholders Common % of Common Preferred % of Preferred Non-Voting Preferred % of Non-Voting Preferred Total % of Total
Ayala Corp 41,157,276 30.93% - - - - 41,157,276 13.21%
SingTel 62,646,487 47.09% - - - - 62,646,487 20.11%
Asiacom - - 158,515,016 100.00% - - 158,515,016 50.88%
Directors, Officers, ESOP 428,110 0.32% 5 0.00% 27,500.00 0.14% 455,615 0.15%
Public 28,814,462 21.66% - - 19,972,500 99.86% 48,786,962 15.66%
Total 133,046,335 100% 158,515,021 100.00% 20,000,000 100.00% 311,561,356 100.00%


Note: Shareholdings of all major stockholders are direct; whereas, Public stockholders reflect a combination of direct and indirect shareholdings.

Ayala Corporation

Ayala Corporation

Ayala Corporation is the holding company of one of the largest, most respected and most widely diversified business groups in the Philippines. Founded in 1834, Ayala maintains leadership positions in real estate development, financial services, telecommunications, water distribution, infrastructure, electronics manufacturing services, automotive dealerships, and business process outsourcing. Recently, it expanded into other strategic sectors such as power and transport infrastructure.

Ayala maintains a tradition of excellence and integrity that has continuously run through seven generations. It continues to contribute to Philippine economic and social growth through its diverse business interests, maintaining its tradition of excellence in every endeavor. Ayala continues to move further forward, drawing on its heritage and experience to fulfill its brand promise of "Pioneering the Future".



The Singtel Group is Asia's leading communications group, providing a diverse range of services including fixed, mobile, data, internet, TV, ICT and digital solutions.

Headquartered in Singapore, Singtel has more than 130 years of operating experience and plays a pivotal role in the country's development as a major communications hub.

Optus, Singtel's subsidiary in Australia, is a leader in integrated telecommunications, constantly raising the bar in innovative products and services.

Singtel is also strategically invested in leading companies in Asia and Africa, including Bharti Airtel (India, South Asia and Africa), Telkomsel (Indonesia), Globe Telecom (Philippines) and Advanced Info Service (Thailand).

Singtel works closely with its associates, leveraging its scale in networks, customer reach and extensive operational experience to lead and shape the communications industry. Together, the Group serves over 600 million mobile customers around world.

Singtel is one of the largest listed Singapore companies on the Singapore Exchange by market capitalization. The Group has a vast network of offices throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA, and employs more than 23,000 staff worldwide.



Asiacom Philippines, Inc. (Asiacom) is a joint venture of Ayala Corporation and Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel). As of 31 March 2016, Asiacom owns 100% or 158,515,021 of Globe's preferred shares.