Key Officers

The table below shows the names and position titles of our key officers as of our most recent Annual Stockholders’ Meeting on April 18, 2017.


Discussion on our Management is also reflected below as provided in our most recent Annual and Sustainability Report:


Globe Telecom Key Officers

Name Position
Ernest L. Cu 1 President and CEO
Alberto M. de Larrazabal Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Rosemarie Maniego-Eala Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Treasurer and Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
Carmina J. Herbosa Chief Audit Executive (CAE)
Gil B. Genio Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO), and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Maria Aurora Sy-Manalang Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Rebecca V. Eclipse Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO)
Renato M. Jiao Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)
Vicente Froilan M. Castelo General Counsel
Bernard P. Llamzon EVP for Channel Management
Solomon M. Hermosura Corporate Secretary
Marisalve Ciocson-Co Senior Vice President for Law and Compliance, Chief Compliance Officer and Assistant Corporate Secretary

1 Member, Board of Directors

Globe Telecom Consultants

Name Position
Robert Tan Chief Technical Advisor


The President and CEO is accountable to the Board for the development and recommendation of strategies, and the execution of the defined strategic imperatives. The President and CEO is assisted by the senior management.

The Office of Strategy Management (OSM) reports to the President and CEO and oversees the company’s strategy management processes from strategy formulation to execution and performance tracking linked to the company’s rewards system.

We review and formulate our strategic priorities annually, which then guide the formulation of the key business strategies and goals for the year. Using the balanced scorecard framework, each business group identifies financial and non-financial objectives, and sets targets and initiatives to achieve them as reflected in the groups’ Terms of Reference (TOR). To ensure line of sight, the group TORs are cascaded to all employees, making sure that everyone understands and appreciates their contribution to the group goals.

Key programs, projects, and major organizational initiatives are taken up by our senior management, composed of the President and CEO, and the heads of each major business units and support groups. All budgets and major capital expenditures must be approved in accordance with the company’s limits of authority and by the CEO prior to endorsement to the Board for approval. Our Consultants also provide inputs to the senior management as required. They all meet at least once a week.

Management is mandated to provide complete and accurate information on the operations and affairs of the company in a timely manner. Management is also required to prepare financial statements for each preceding financial year in accordance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS). Management’s statement of responsibility with regard to our financial statements are included in our annual reports.

To monitor and report on the environmental, sustainability and social impacts of the business operations, Our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Ms. Ma. Yolanda C. Crisanto, was appointed in 2015. Concurrently, our CSO is also the Senior Vice President of our Corporate Communications Group who reports directly to the President and CEO and is part of Management. Apart from economic aspects, environmental and social aspects are reviewed by our CSO yearly as well. Our CSO communicates sustainability concerns and initiatives from the Management to our Board through the President and CEO, who empowers our advocacy for sustainability and CG. Our sustainability report, included in our Annual Report, discusses these aspects, concerns and initiatives.

Meanwhile, our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Data Privacy Officer (DPO), Mr. Anton Reynaldo M. Bonifacio, reports directly to our CTIO to uphold responsibilities aligned with the Data Privacy Act or Republic Act No. 10173. Our CISO and DPO also leads our Information Security and Data Privacy Division, which is a fully-operationalized group that focuses on Globe’s data privacy and cybersecurity matters. Our Board, through the Audit and RPT Committee, is provided regular updates on information security and data privacy matters by our CISO to ensure that cyber risks and technology or digital threats to the business and our customers are addressed and managed effectively. Know more about our Policy on Data Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology Governance and Cybersecurity.