Disclosure and Transparency


Globe employees (who we call "Ka-Globe") are always treated to a quarterly, themed "Ka-Globe Jam", which is our version of a corporate town hall. Intended to be an "uncorporate" take on reporting the Company's performance and activities, the Ka-Globe Jam aims to not only report on our quarterly business results and happenings in and around the Company, but also to cascade general directions from our leaders about how to steer the Company forward.

Globe Telecom management continually commits to high standards of disclosure, transparency and accountability. The management established the sustainability policy and reviews its adequacy at the highest level periodically and allocated resources to ensure effective implementation. The practice of sustainability reporting was implemented as a means to provide fair, accurate and meaningful assessment of its overall performance on triple bottom line (viz. Economic, Environment and Social) responsibility to its stakeholders including investors.

Globe practices regular disclosure of financial results. Quarterly financial results are immediately disclosed after the approval by the Board to appropriate regulatory bodies – the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Quarterly and year-end financial statements and detailed management's discussion and analysis are filed within 45 and 105 calendar days respectively from the end of financial period, if not earlier. The company's financial reporting disclosures are in compliance with the PSE and SEC requisites. These reports are made available to the analysts after disclosure and posting on the company's website.

In case of mergers, acquisitions and/or takeovers requiring shareholders' approval, the board of directors of the offeree company shall appoint an independent party to evaluate the fairness of the transaction price. Such shall be disclosed in the company's financial statement and relevant reports. Globe shall also ensure its compliance with applicable law, rules and regulations prescribed by the SEC and the PSE.

Any market-sensitive information such as dividend declaration is also disclosed to the SEC and PSE and then released through various modes of communication.