Company Policies

Whistle Blowing Policy

Through various channels which includes a hotline, portal, an email address as well as designated group, the Company provides for a mechanism that allows, employees, suppliers, and even third parties to report suspected violations of Company policies on unethical and corrupt practices, misappropriation of Company assets, fraudulent reporting practices, and other violations of the Company Code of Conduct, Stock Transaction Policy, Code of Corporate Governance and Securities Regulation Code. Disclosures made in good faith are protected by keeping the information confidential. The identity and source of the information are likewise protected to the extent required by law.

Conflict of Interest

Globe's Conflict of Interest policy is applied to all regular employees, officers and directors of Globe and Subsidiaries, including consultants/project hires seconded to or engaged on a full-time basis by Globe. The said policy is included in the Company's Code of Conduct under Article 18:

"ART. 18. Conflict of Interest – It is the obligation of every employee to declare and divulge in writing to the Company his own involvement in any conflict of interest with the Company. Failure on the part of an employee to divulge the same to the Company shall be penalized with DISMISSAL.

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Insider Trading Policy

In order to prevent Company insiders from taking unfair advantage over non-public information, Globe prohibits key officers and employees with access to the quarterly results in the course of its review, from trading in Company shares ten (10) trading days before and three (3) trading days after any structured report/disclosure, and three (3) trading days before and three (3) trading days after an unstructured report/disclosure.

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Related Party Transactions Policy

We disclose, review, and approve related party transactions, in accordance with the principles of transparency and fairness, to ensure that they are at arm's length, the terms are fair, and they will inure to the best interest of the corporation and its subsidiaries or affiliates and their shareholders.

The RPTs are disclosed in our financial statements, annual reports, and other applicable flings in accordance with the relevant rules and issuance of the SEC and other applicable regulatory bodies. The disclosures include, but are not limited to, the name of the related party, relationship with the corporation for each RPT, and the nature and value or each RPT. Such disclosures are also made publicly available, for the benefit of all shareholders and other stakeholders, through our website and such other media channels as applicable.

Shareholders, including minority shareholders, and other stakeholders are provided with proper guidelines and procedures for right of action and remedies that are readily accessible in order to redress the conduct of the corporation (e.g. Facebook page, Twitter account, e-mail account, and hotline numbers), as necessary.

The independent directors form the independent committee that is tasked to review and monitor material RPTs, among others, to ensure our best interest, our shareholders', and all other stakeholders', and that the RPTs are executed with fair and transparent terms prior to endorsement to the Board for approval.

Data and Policy Relating to Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees including Company-Sponsored Trainings

Globe employees are integral to our success as a company. We thus put a premium on ensuring their health and safety in their place of work and even outside of it. We do this through our strict adherence to government's Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) standards and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Standards, as well as a host of other related programs.

Rewards or Compensation Policy

We attract, retain, and engage our talents to support our business strategies and enhance value of the organization through our remuneration philosophy and framework.

Dividend Policy

The Company returns to its shareholders, dividends equivalent to 75%-90% of its prior year's core net income.

Dividends declared by the Company on its stocks are payable in cash or in additional shares of stock. As a policy and as much as practicable, Globe observes a 30-day period for the payment of dividends to shareholders from the declaration date of such dividends.

Anti-Corruption Policy

The employee, by virtue of his employment, is bound not to betray that trust by seeking to gain any undue personal or pecuniary advantage (other than the rightful proceeds of employment) from his dealings with or for and in behalf of the Company.

Globe employees maintain the highest standards of honesty and professional conduct. Seeking undue financial and material advantage from transactions with Globe is a breach of trust between the employee and the Company.

Data Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Our Privacy Policy outlines our policy in relation to the collection, use, and protection of Customer Data to provide customers and other stakeholders with a wonderful experience. We will notify all customers and relevant stakeholders with any update on our Privacy Policy by posting it on our website for easy reference.

We respect customer and stakeholder privacy and intellectual property. As such, we secure and protect Customer Data with proper safeguards to ensure confidentiality and privacy; prevent loss, theft, or use for unauthorized purposes; and comply with the requirements of the law. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print hard copy portions from our company for the sole purpose of customers to view or pay their own Globe Telecom bills. Any other use of materials on our website, including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution, or republication, without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited.